All students seeking admission at the Foreign Service Institute, are required to sit for an Admission/Aptitude Test to be administered by the Institute. All applicants must earn a grade point average of 3.0 or above from a recognized university or college and must have shown scholastical performance evidence by his/her undergraduate record to be exhibited by an official transcript. Three letters of recommendations including one from the Dean of last school graduated and two from prominent citizens in the country are required. Other requirements are a security clearance from the National Security Agency and a health certificate from a reputable medical institution as well as two recent passport size photos.

Application Form

Application Form is purchasable at the Foreign Service Institute at the cost of USD20.00.

Registration Fee

All Students meeting the Admission Requirements are required to pay a registration fee of USD50.00.

Tuition Fee

A tuition fee of US$400.00 for the entire program of study is required.

Book Deposit Fee

A Book Deposit Fee of US$100.00 is required to be paid during registration. This amount is refundable provided books issued to students are not misplaced or damaged.

Academic Load Requirements

Student enrolled at the Foreign Service Institute are required to carry the full credit hours per each term of the 3 terms to complete the nine months training program. Examinations are mandatory of the teaching policies and are therefore required periodically at each term and at the end of the school year.

Re-admission Through Reapplication

Student dropped from a course or from the Foreign Service Institute based on poor academic performance or in violation of other administrative counts, shall be permitted for admission upon re-application either during the current academic period or the following year depending on the gravity of the count.

Scholarship Probation and Disqualification

Any student who fails to maintain at least a "B" average (GPA 3.0) will be placed on probation. The probationary status of a student is ended only at the close of a regular semester when the student has attained a "B" average on all graduate work attempted at this Institute.

If a student placed on a probation does not maintain at least (GPA) for the semester after being placed on probation (the first probationary semester), the student will be disqualified.

A student whose semester average falls below 3.0 but whose cumulative scholarship average is 3.0 or higher, will be placed on scholarship probation; if the grade point average falls below 3.0 in two successful semesters, the student will be scholastically disqualified.

Students who have completed the academic requirements will be selected for Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and be required to write a research paper on a related topic to be approved by an internship supervisor.

Diplomas/Graduation Requirements

Diplomats will be issued to students who have successfully completed a minimum of three quarters work with a cumulative average of 2.7 ('c' ) or above. Students earning a highest score may be awarded the meritorious awards. Each student is expected to take the required course of study each term to complete the nine month program. Students substantially completing his/her studies at the Foreign Service Institute, and who accordingly meets the requirements is considered to have satisfied the required course of forty-five (45) credits.