Indian And Spanish Ambassadors Present Letters of Credence To President Sirleaf

Foreign Minister Ngafuan, Indian Amb.,  H. E. Anil K. Sharan and  Sardar Upjit Singh Sachdeva, Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia posed
Foreign Minister Ngafuan, Indian Amb., H. E. Anil K. Sharan and Sardar Upjit Singh Sachdeva, Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia posed
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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday received Letters of Credence from the Indian and Spanish Ambassadors accredited to Liberia.

In two separate ceremonies held in the President’s Foreign Ministry Cabinet Room, the two ambassadors during their respective presentations reaffirmed their countries’ commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties with Liberia.

Indian Ambassador, His Excellency Anil K. Sharan who has a concurrent accreditation to the Republics of Liberia and Guinea with residence in Abidjan, The Ivory Coast expressed his gratitude to the President for receiving him.

President Sirleaf thanked India through its Ambassador for the numerous aids it has continued to render Liberia including India’s intervention in Liberia’s transport sector, provisions of training opportunities to Liberians including eight rural women currently undergoing trainings in the areas of solar electricity and other short and medium term scholarships, among others.

The Liberian leader stated that she looks forward to seeing a very strong relationship developed between both nations as they both have shared values.

She then reminded the Indian Government through Ambassador Sharan for needed CT-Scan machines for medical centers in the country.

In response, the Indian Ambassador disclosed that a proposed joint commission to re-intensive the cooperation between both countries has been agreed. He reaffirmed India’s support to Liberia’s economic development.

On the President’s request for the provision of CT-Scan, Ambassador Sharan promised on behalf of his government that India will provide the medical equipment once any medical center in Liberia is ready to receive the CT-Scan.

The new Indian Ambassador who was accompanied by Sardar Upjit Singh Sachdeva, Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia also promised scholarships to Liberians.
He also disclosed India’s plan to establish a solar energy training center in Liberia which will turned over to Liberia after the first two years.

Ambassador Sharan disclosed development initiatives his country will undertake in Liberia including training opportunities, short and medium term scholarships as well as undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships in various disciplines at the Indian Government’s full expense. These will include the provision of Indian professors to Liberia in the areas of sciences.

In another presentation ceremony held earlier, His Excellency Fernando Morán, Spain’s Ambassador told President Sirleaf his country’s desire to enforce her cooperation with Liberia.

The Spanish Ambassador with residence in Abidjan, The Ivory Coast also mentioned in his Letter of Credence economic cooperation through the ECOWAS-Spain Fund, which contributes to finance projects in Liberia or the European Development Fund from the European Union in which Spain is a major contributor with 8.5% of the resources of the fund.

“I do not want to finish this speech, Madam President, without pointing that it is the will of the Spanish Government to re-establish a resident Embassy in Monrovia, as it used to be years ago, in order to probe the strong commitment of Spain towards the Republic of Liberia and to develop even more the intense ties between our two Governments and our two peoples”, he added.

Speaking earlier, President Sirleaf thanked the Spanish Diplomat for his country’s desire to strengthen ties with Liberia.

She then retraced ties between both countries as far as 1952 that led to the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1958. The President thanked Spain through its Ambassador for its work to the European Union and assured him of Liberia’s fullest cooperation with Spain which has been supportive to other sectors including that of the maritime.

Meanwhile, more Letters of Credence are expected to be presented to the President later this week and early next week. 

On Thursday, October 25, 2012, the Ambassadors-Designate of Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, The Netherlands and Cuba will present their respective Letters of Credence while the Ambassadors-Designate of Zambia, South Korea Republic, Malawi and the Kingdom of Morocco will present theirs on Friday, October 26, 2012.

Then on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, Letters of Credence will be presented to the President from the Ambassadors-Designate of Saharawi Republic, the State of Kuwauit, the Republic of Burkina-Faso and Australia.


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