Minister Ngafuan Honored 'Minister of The Year'

Min. Ngafuan receives the certificate from Mr. Williams of the youth group
Min. Ngafuan receives the certificate from Mr. Williams of the youth group
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Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan has been honored as ' Minister of the Year 2014' for his pivotal and impactful role played during the height of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia.


The Youth Organized For The Promotion  of Good Governance, a peace-building  civil society youth organization, honored the Foreign Minister Tuesday at his Foreign Ministry office.


The youth group noted that it had decided to honor the Foreign Minister in recognition of the pivotal role he played in not just rallying the international community to Liberia's aid but also because of his strong advocacy for his country and compatriots during the height of the country's Ebola crisis. 


The Secretary-General of the organization, Benedict Williams, presenting the certificate, noted that the Minister was the voice of Liberia in the international community when Liberians were being stigmatized because of the Ebola situation.


"When Liberia was so troubled, and most of our friends including some of our African brothers were almost rejecting us because the Ebola disease had befallen our country, we can recall that Minster Ngafuan was the voice of Liberia in the international community", Williams said.


Reflecting on Minister Ngafuan's presentation and impact at the recent United Nations General Assembly, Williams continued, "We remember, Minister Ngafuan particularly at the United Nations General Assembly presenting the case of Liberia, ensuring again that millions of dollars in cash, kind and in human capacity came to the rescue of this country. And we can proudly say that his intervention, along with his team here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, into the Liberian situation has played a very key role in our country  and remain indelible not just on the minds of Liberians but also among youthful Liberians including the students, nurses, doctors, and the health workers".


The organization says it views President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's continuous confidence in the Foreign Minister as an inspiration to the young people.


"On behalf of the Youth Organized For The Promotion of Good Governance , the youths and students of Liberia, most especially with emphasis on the Liberian National Student Union, the Federation of Liberian Youths and all of the youth and student organizations across the 15 political sub-divisions of our country who have reposed their confidence in us, we present this Certificate of Honor to you as 'The Minister of The Year  2014' of the Republic of Liberia ", the group's leader stated, as he asked for a moment of silence for Liberians who lost their lives to the Ebola virus.


Responding, Foreign Minister Ngafuan described the day as a great day in his personal life and that of the Foreign Ministry. He underscored that public servants or government officials should proceed with their work without any expectation of an honor, but stressed that when honor comes, it will be appreciated.


"To note that you have been evaluating us for the past 12 months and that your judgment is one of commendation, we are grateful. Civil society organizations often condemn officials of government when we do condemnable things. It is good to see you commending an official of government for what you consider commendable deeds", Minister Ngafuan stated.


He stated that he was dedicating the honor first and foremost to all Liberians whom he termed as the real masters, President Sirleaf, for her leadership and guidance in the Ebola fight and the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs family whom he described as real giants whose contributions were critical to his success.


Minister Ngafuan also dedicated the honor to the memory of the late Mrs. Sharon Washington, his Administrative Assistant who died during the height of the Ebola crisis: "I dedicate this honor to her memory for her dedicated service to the Ministry and the country for almost 20 years."


He then gave the assurance that the Foreign Ministry will commit itself to working hard to do its part in contributing to the Government's agenda. "So, you have given us more reasons why we should work for the Liberian people. You have given us a charge for this New Year. You have given us gasoline for our tanks for the New Year."


Founded in 2010, the Youth Organized For The Promotion of Good Governance  is a youth group that speaks against ills and vices in the society as Liberia strives to strengthen its democracy and recovery process.