Liberian Ambassador to UN Promised to Strengthen Relations with Countries

Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the UN with multiple accreditations to Canada and Cuba, Ambassador Conmany B. Wesseh
Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the UN with multiple accreditations to Canada and Cuba, Ambassador Conmany B. Wesseh
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Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the UN with multiple accreditations to Canada and Cuba, Ambassador Conmany B. Wesseh has promised to promote Liberian leadership and active membership in leading structures of the United Nations and other multilateral institutions.

   Speaking during the commissioning ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Wesseh pledged to strengthen relations with old friends and break new grounds in making good and true friends for Liberia and promote the employment of Liberians in responsible positions within the UN systems and other multilateral bodies.
    The new Liberia Permanent Representative to the UN also said he would be committed to promoting “Liberian leadership on issues of girls education, women empowerment and women leadership especially in the light of the International Colloquium for Women Leadership that you, Madame President and the President of Finland will be co-convening in Liberia in March next year.
     He said his representation of Liberia at the UN will further promote Liberian leadership on issues of regional peace, small arms and light weapons control and human rights.
      “As I reflect on my testimonies to the world about our country, I do so in grateful appreciation of the various forces that have acted on me to learn the virtues of justice, fairness, honesty, personal discipline, love, courage, friendship and forgiveness,” Ambassador Wesseh indicated, saying, “There has been my moral up bringing in a home of a hospitable and entertaining mother – whose star singing and dancing skills have taken me into the fold of the beautiful Potupoh women performers that are here with us today.”
       He said: “There was Paramount Chief Ben Wesseh, a good and fair judge;  my beginner school teacher, Daniel Seakor; my American Peace Corps teachers, and Principal J.Sebastain Bush of Cape Palmas High School who epitomized discipline;  Francis B.S Cooper who took gamble to recruit me at graduation in Yekepa to work as an electrical technician at the National Port Authority and, later, the Liberia Electricity Corporation from where I attended the University of Liberia as a self-supporting student; Togba Nah Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer, Dew Tuan-Wleh  Mayson and other leaders and comrades of the Movement for Justice in Africa and the youth and students movement with whom I grew in Pan–African struggles, friendship and solidarity; Albert Porte whose belief in the rule of law and respect for the constitution as a religion was always an inspiration.”
     He continued his acknowledgement of mentors: Mary Antoinnette Brown Sherman who taught me to internalize her saying that “talk talk is good but Mr. Do is the best man” and thereby insisted on a strong relationship between good academic performance and ascendancy to student leadership; and Arch-Bishop Michael Kpakala Francis who helped us learn how to challenge evil unrelentedly.”
     Saying he could continue to go on and on in these appreciations, he added, “In many ways, long before our governmental association, the President has been “Ma Ellen” to my family at very critical junctures.”
    “In all these years I have had very trust worthy friends - made at school, at the University, in the student movement (friends like “the seven hungry spoons” in Harper, Dusty Wolokollie, James Logan, James Fromayan, Ezekiel Pajibo, Alaric Tokpa and many others), in the village Assembly of God Church and my caring S.T. Nagbe United Methodist Church,” Ambassador seemed overwhelmed, read his listed.
       He also acknowledged the role of the sitting Foreign Minister, saying, “Of course there are my professors in diplomacy led by former Foreign Minister George W. Wallace Jr., my former boss. I would like to especially thank my new boss Foreign Minister Olubanke King-Akerele, who in so short a time has demonstrated to be an extraordinary and tireless innovative and inspiring woman.  I have reserved a special thank you for my hard-working staff of the two offices that I have been running in this Building.
 “Let me now recall that for 27 of my 55 years, I have kept a wonderful friend and lifelong companion who has endured the trials and tribulations with me and tolerated all my shortcomings – but never once wavered in love and support. Thank you MEDINA. Thank you Gbarlee, Nyenpoteh, Bdabu, Comlan, and Chee-Behn, and Junior, Chelai and all the other children we acquired on this torturous path over the years for sharing me with the world; and my brothers and close relations who have suffered so much pain and denials because of the choices I made, rolling in the trenches for social justice,” he concluded .