Ambassador Barnes Speaks On Liberia-U.S. Relastions

Ambassador Barnes Speaks On Liberia-U.S. Relations

       Ambassador-designate to Washington, former Finance Minister Nathaniel Barnes says Liberia approach its diplomatic partners with huge confidence. He notes that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration is very confidence in international diplomacy and therefore well  respected in the diplomatic circles.

    Ambassador Barnes who served as Liberia Prominent Representative to the United Nations  chatted with the MOFA Public Affairs in Monrovia  on various diplomatic issues. He also spoke on the Liberia- United States relations, which he considered very encouraging and noted that there’s a lot of goodwill for Liberia to the international community, especially in the United States.

      The Liberian ambassador-designate to the United States,said he considers himself “an agent of change” firstly discussed the Liberia-United States diplomacy. Ambassador Barnes explained that the goodwill in the U. S. is not only reflected in government circles; he indicated that the goodwill is also manifested in America’s social system.

        He mentioned such groups as “Friends of Liberia” and “Know Liberia” amongst others social groups who are all engaged in making the case of Liberia to the people of the United States, the congress and the U. S. administration.

    The Former Liberia prominent REP. pointed out that with him at the United Nations; he too was busy with confidence in changing perception about Liberia, noting that  such diplomacy has succeeded with the articulate foreign policy of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration at home.

      Quizzed what is responsible for the successes being scored now in the Liberia-United States diplomacy, he replied, “We are approaching the U. S. with confidence, with more confidence. We demand our respect. Our government is self-most assured.

              “Our foreign policy is opened in this new dispensation. As you may see, Liberia established diplomatic ties with both China [meaning PRC) and the United States. Both countries are adding value to Liberia. Both know that we have critical economic and development needs and they are all on board in addressing these needs. They are truly Liberia’s good partners,” Ambassador Barnes explored the diplomacy of the Ellen administration.

          With the self-assured confidence that have characterized Liberian diplomacy in the global community, Barnes saw his tenure at the United Nations as Liberia’s Ambassador as a personal growth that afforded him to contribute in the changing of Liberia’s gloomy and obscured image to a more positive one.

       Barnes sees his new assignment  to Washington as a challenge. He said the United States is the oldest and most important ally of Liberia, and promised to enhance the foundation built by his predecessors to a new level that would take advantage and exploit the goodwill of America .

   Meanwhile, the Liberian diplomat defined the United States ’ interest in Liberia to be the political will by this administration to join the global fight against terrorism and Liberia ’s leadership role in human rights adherence

   On the current domestic trend of hardship permeating the country, Ambassador Barnes, added, “What we are experiencing is a result of the ugly past relating to what we did to ourselves,” saying,  “things have to go worse before they can get better.” 

     Ambassador Barnes indicate, “The ruling party has a difficult challenge to rebuild Liberia from its spoils” of the fratricidal war, saying, “It is easy to destroy but it is hard to recover from the destruction.”

    According to him, the President and her Unity Party members alone cannot rebuild the country. Barnes said the President has graciously employed the use of some opposition parties’ members.

    Saying things will get worse before they get better, the one time Minister of Finance said that the bettering of this country depends on hard work and a predictable environment which he noted require security and the rule of law.

       “If we as people are suffering, let us suffer; let us equally bear the suffering. But things will gat better, and it depends on hard work and a predictable environment,” Ambassador Barnes avowed, indicating that  It requires a secured terrain; we have a fragile system in terms of law. Investors want security and rule of law to ensure viable economic activities.”