President Weah Extols the Kingdom of Morocco on 64th Independence observance

His Excellency President George Mnneh Weah
His Excellency President George Mnneh Weah
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

President George Manneh Weah has sent a message of congratulations to the King of Morocco, His Majesty Mohammed VI, and the people of the Kingdom of Morocco on the occasion commemorating the 64th Independence Anniversary of that country on November 18, 2020.


The day celebrates the anniversary of the declaration of independence of Morocco from Spain and France in 1956. The territory of Morocco was divided between France and Spain by the Treaty of Fez in 1912. The disputes over the administration of Morocco began between these two countries as early as 1830.


France granted independence to its protectorate on March 2, 1956. Independence of the Spanish protectorate was negotiated separately and Spain granted it to its protectorate on April 7, 1956. Although Morocco became an independent country in the spring of 1956, the Independence Day is actually celebrated on November 18. This date was chosen to celebrate the return of Sultan Mohammed V from exile.


According to a Foreign Ministry release, President Weah hoped that the cordial ties of friendship and cooperation subsisting between both countries and peoples will be further strengthened in the spirit of African solidarity as the people of Morocco celebrate this historic celebration.


The Liberian Leader noted that as both leaders work together in furtherance of the principles of the African Union and the United Nations for the promotion of regional and international peace, security and economic cooperation amongst all nations, it is his fervent prayer that the Almighty Allah will continue to endow His Majesty with abundant wisdom and strength as he leads his people to greater prosperity.