Foreign Minister Findley fulfills Promise as 20 Protocol Officers Depart Liberia for Specialized Protocol Training in India.

Scene of Protocol Officers as they depart for a two weeks Protocol Training in the Republic India
Scene of Protocol Officers as they depart for a two weeks Protocol Training in the Republic India
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

At least 20 Protocol Officers from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and State have departed Liberia for a two weeks intensive specialized protocol training in India.


As part of his immediate Action Plan, The of Foreign Affairs H.E. Gbehzohngar Milton Findley during his confirmation hearing at the Liberian Senate, promised to conduct training for all protocol officers across government ministries and agencies in order for them to be more effective during state functions.


According to a Foreign Ministry release, Minister Findley publicly pledged that while providing stewardship as Minister of Foreign Affairs, his administration would prioritize building the capacity of employees of the Ministry.


The training of the protocol officers which was initiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a gesture from the Government of India through its Counsel General near Monrovia.


The released furthered that the training was influenced by Minister Findley and is in furtherance of support from the Government of India in addition to its commitment of developing the Mahatma Gandhi state of the art conference center expected to be established on the Bali Island.


The Two weeks specialized Protocol training in India is intended to deepen the knowledge and skills of Protocol Officers at the Offices of the President as well as those employed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The training of the 20 protocol officers is also a way of preventing protocol deficiencies during national functions and state forums in the country.


Protocol officers are strategic and essential employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who charged with the responsibilities of facilitating state visits and ensuring the smooth reception of dignitaries throughout national functions.