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News about President George Manneh Weah calling on leaders and people of the world to honor the immaculate life and legacy of former peace icon and South African President Nelson Mandela, A multi-donor road project agreementto be signed between the government of Liberia and the AFDB as well as call by Liberia’s Vice president Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor for more investment in Family Planning are stories toping today’s edition of our summary..


Other stories include news about Liberia Leading ECOWAS new Headquarters of its Standby Force Initiatives as well as President George Manneh Weah finalizing   appointments of the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi-Stakeholders Steering Group,




 ‘No Stability without Peace’ Weah Tells World Leaders


President George Manneh Weah has called on leaders and people of the world to honor the immaculate life and legacy of former peace icon and South African President Nelson Mandela by promoting global peace. President Weah said the world will not be stable in the absence of peace and reconciliation. President Weah said the said the world will not be stable in the absence of peace and reconciliation. President Weah said the world will not stable in the absence of peace and reconciliation. President Weah said the late President Madela demonstrated the highest sense of South Africa and the world when he chose to forgive his captors and oppressors following his release from detention and subsequent election to the presidency of South Africa. Weah’s comments were contained in a special statement he delivered on Monday, September 24, 2018 at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the News asserts.


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Other Stories


 VP Taylor Pushes  for Investment in Family Planning

Liberia’s Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, says investing in Family Planning with the aim of reaping demographic dividends is critical to the provision of opportunities to the youthful population. VP Howard-Taylor, according to a release, said family planning must be a part of a bigger picture to ensure that the 60% of the country’s youthful population is enabled to access and exploit opportunities at all levels. She noted that effecting such actions would also ensure productive members of society thereby constituting a prepared labor force with the appetite for saving, investing, and serving as the engine for economic growth and development, the News daily reads.


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Liberia, AFDB Sign US$87M Thursday

The Government of Liberia and the African Development Bank, AfDB will be signing on Thursday, September 27, 2018 a multi-donor road project agreement amounting to US$87.87 million, a release from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has disclosed. The release said specific focus of the multi-donor funded road project under the title “Liberia/Cote d’Ivoire Mano Union, MRU, Road Development and Transportation Facilitation Program Phase II” are: the asphalt pavement of the 47.1km stretch of road between Sanniquellie and Loguatuo in Nimba County, the asphalt pavement of the 20km road between Fish Town and Kelipo in River Gee County, as well as the construction for a bridge at the Loguatuo over the Nuor River and the Construction of a Joint Border Post Weigh Station at Loguatuo, the News newspaper reads.

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Liberia Leads ECOWAS’ New HQ, Standby Force Initiatives

A back page story of the News daily reads that ECOWAS Commissioner for General Administration and Conferences, Mr. Vafolay Tulay of Liberia, has presented three design schemes for the ECOWAS Commission. He has also presented the design for the second third phases of the development of the ECOWAS Standby Force logistics depot in Lungi, Sierra Leone.  A release from the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, also Permanent to ECOWAS, says Commissioner Tulay who spearheads the two important projects made the presentations to ECOWAS’ Ministers for Infrastructure, Works and Housingfrom Member States. Commissioner Tulay made presentations during the meeting of the ad-hoc Ministerial Committee on the Construction of Community Institutions which held on September 22, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria, the  News says.




Weah Finalizes Appointments of LEITI Multi-Stakeholders Group

President George Manneh Weah has finalized the appointments of the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi-Stakeholders Steering Group, LEITIMSG. Those appointed include Baryou Wallace representing Liberia Labor Congress, member; Esiaka B. Konneh, representing Liberia Gold/Diamond Broker and Dealers Association, member; Mrs. Cecelia Danuwieli, representing Publish What You Pay, member; Daniel Nyankonah, Jr., representing Press Union of Liberia, member; Ansu Sekou Konneh, representing, Western Cluster Limited member; E. Ekema A. Witherspoon, I, representing Liberia Timber Association, member; Elvis G. Morris-representing Golden Veroleum Liberia, member; Eric N. Swen, representing Arcelor Mittal, member and Raymond Gwenigale, representing Firestone Liberia, member, the News reads.


Justice Nagbe Promises ‘Transparent Justice’

Supreme Court Associate Justie Joseph N. Nagbe has assured Liberians that transparent justice and the rule of law will prevail in the country under the current Supreme Court.  Nagbe, a former Senator who was recently appointed as Supreme Court Associate Justice by President George Manneh Weah, made the statement on Sunday at the Trinity United Methodist Church in New Kru Town, the News reads.


Nyanway turns over NPASA leadership to VP for Administration

The president of the National Port Authority Sports Association, Nyemah Nyanway, on September 19 turned over his position to his vice president for administration, Austin Dennis, at the head office of the association on Bushrod Island, Monrovia. Mr. Nyanway is elected to the Executive Committee of the Liberia Football Association. He served as president of the NPA Sports Association for two years. During the ceremony, Mr. Nyanway paid tribute to officials of the NPA authority, members of the NPA workforce, the football team head coach and members of his technical staff for the cordial working relationship that existed between them during his term as president. According to the Daily Observer newspaper, the outgoing president also served as vice president and secretary general of the association before winning the presidency in 2016. He described NPA Anchors’ return to the LFA first division level as one of his best achievements. “I met NPA Anchors at the relegation zone in the second division during the 2016 LFA national league and through the cordial working relationship among us as officials of the association helped the team to make a quick comeback to the first division level and won several medals and I am proud of the team and so I am also excited that I am leaving with joy.”


LLA to Acquire 4,500 Acres for NHA’s Housing Units

The Daily Observer newspaper reads that, the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) has begun the process of acquiring 300,000 acres of land in each of the 15 counties for government’s local housing project through the National Housing Authority (NHA).LLA will also locate both urban and rural land in each county in support of the housing program.Former Land Commissioners now Acting County Land Administrators, Resident Surveyors, and Registrars of the LLA have been authorized to work with local leaders to identify the land space that will allow the NHA to undertake the housing project. The technical staff of the LLA Land Use and Management Department have been collecting historical data and verification of sites along with the appropriate land stakeholders in securing public land across the country. The LLA has already identified parcels of ‘public land’ land in Bentol and Brewerville in Montserrado County for the purpose. This project is one of President George Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration builds modern, durable and affordable homes for Liberians under the Pro-poor Agenda.


World Bank Group Discusses Inter-Cropping in Food Production

The World Bank Group has disclosed that inter-cropping remains one of the longstanding cultural practices by farming households in Liberia. In a  day-long symposium held in Ganta recently, where an dissemination of Analytical Work on Welfare and Development in Liberia and looking at poverty and equity Global Practice, it was disclosed that the prevailing cropping system in Liberia is inter-cropping, with about 79 percent of the farming households practicing it. Inter-cropping is the practice of growing two or more crops together in the same field. Alejandro de la Fuence, who is the analyst, said majority of households do inter-cropping as a longstanding cultural practice, with 13 percent doing it as a crop risk strategy, while six to seven percent do it as a soil fertility management and labor saving option, but could not explained whether it was benefiting the country.  The report according to the Daily Observer newspaper also indicated that cassava and rice are the most common crops produced in Liberia and that are being inter-cropped.



The FrontPage Africa newspaper is reporting that the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital has stressed the importance for medical students to prioritize healthcare delivery as a way of helping to rebrand Liberia’s health sector. Dama Y. Koffa told students at the start of a four-day career symposium organized by the administration of Harbel College in Margibi County that more need to be done in improving the health sector. Madam Koffa said in spite of challenges within the health sector. She noted that the JFK Hospital management has already begun improving, but is aiming to achieving more. “The conviction we have as an institution is the focus of rebranding the JFK to be a hospital of choice in Liberia. And it is at the very core of who we are and that passion we share,” Madam Koffa said. “There is always room for improvement within any institution and that is why we are focusing on patient care services at JKF. So basically we have done a lot of work at JFK, but I am here and this career day is my focus.” According to her, the commitment of health science students to their career and professional development is cardinal in improving the health sector and their personal lives.






The Inquirer newspaper states Hope China International Academy (HOCIA) over the weekend donated academic materials to over 300 students. On Saturday, the proprietor of HOCIA, Mr Ramsey Gorwor presented uniforms, composition books, pencil, pens, shoes back bags and other school material to students of the as a way of identifying with them. According to the proprietor of the institution, the presentation was a means of his own meager quota to improve the educational system in the country. Mr. Gorwor said his dream of establishing a school came about when his mother used to tie one lappa cloth to send him and his brothers to school just to acquire quality educational. He also disclosed that when he visited China he read the history of China upon which he developed that mind of improving the educational sector. The proprietor of HOCIA noted that for so long the children of Liberia have been faced with high tuition  fees  which many parents could hardly afford to enable them send their children  school