Foreign Minister Assures The African Court of Liberia’s Commitment To Upholding the Protection of Human and Peoples’ Right

Delegation of the African Court on Human and People Rights.
Delegation of the African Court on Human and People Rights.
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley says the Government of Liberia through its pro-poor agenda will ensure that issues of human rights are cardinal in the country.


Minister Findley said Liberia is aware that human rights institutions in the country and the world at large play an important role in ensuring the dignity and respect of the human race, as the country remains committed to respecting the rule of law.


According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Liberian Foreign Minister spoke Tuesday at a one day sensitization seminar on the African Court on Human and People's Rights organized in collaboration with the government of Liberia. The seminar was held in Monrovia under the theme "Protect Human Rights in Africa".



The Liberia Foreign Minister noted that the seminar will afford all actors; the government and civil society organizations the opportunity to learn more about the court and to have access to the court.


Giving a brief history about the court, the President of the African Court, Justice Sylvain Ore said the African court is a continental court set up by African Union member States to ensure the protection of human and people's rights on the African continent and to also complement and reinforce the functions of the African commission on human and people's rights.



He noted that the government of Liberia signed the protocol to the African charter of human and people's rights on the establishment of the African Court on Human and People's Rights but is yet to ratify the protocol and subsequently deposit the declaration under article 34 (6).


The Africa Court President said following a meeting with President George Manneh Weah, the Court looks forward to Liberia ratifying the Protocol.


Rev. Atty. Bartholomew B. Colley, head of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights described the Africa Court on Human and People’s Rights as one of the best mechanisms to upholding, protecting and promoting human rights throughout Africa. “This is why the INCHR is collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Affairs to host the President and Official of the court”. He then called on the Government of Liberia to ratify Article 34 (6) of the protocol.


Commenting further on the role of the partners, the INCHR boss stressed the need for the partners to ensure that the necessary actions are taken in the supreme interest of ratification and for upholding; promoting  and protecting human rights through the requisite  mechanisms including the  African Court on Human and People Rights.