Daily Media Summary 2018-06-11

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The holding of a Special Session by the Liberian Senate to consider the ratification of Mineral Development Agreement between Hummingbird Resources and the GOL and First Lady Clar Weah’s donation to underprivileged Liberians including the elderly and disable people are among selected stories for today’s news summary.


Senate to Hold Special Hummingbird, EBOMAF Session Monday

The Liberian Senate is expected today, Monday, June 10, to hold another special session to consider the ratification of the Mineral Development Agreement between hummingbird Resources and the Government of Liberia. The Senate’s special session is also intended for the Pre-financing Agreement between EBOMAF and the government. In a communication from the Office of the Senate Pro-Tempore to all senators, Pro-Temp Joseph Nagbe requested his colleagues to be present in their Chamber by 11 a.m. Monday. This special session comes days after a similar session was held by the Senate. During that earlier session, the Senate concurred with the House of Representatives on the Eton financing agreement. The Liberian Senate on Friday, June 8, concurred with the House of Representatives on the ratification of the US$536 million loan agreement between the Government of Liberia and Eton Private Finance Limited. The concurrence follows Wednesday, June 6, passage at the lower house where the agreement received a unanimous vote with one abstention, according to FrontPage Africa news.

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Senate ratifies US$536m road loan

The plenary of the Liberian Senate has concurred with the House of Representatives on the ratification of a US$536m road financing loan agreement between Liberia and Eton Finance PTE Limited. Members of the Liberian Senate took the decision Friday, 8 June following a special session held in chambers on Capitol Hill. The passage of the loan worth over half a billion US Dollars by both the Senate and the Lower House comes in spite of public outcry against the deal. Prior to the senate taking that decision, Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan had pleaded with Senators to see reason to concur with their colleagues at the House of Representatives. Minister Nyenpan says the loan brings more developments and total transformation in the road connectivity of the country that is more than 170 years but is without much to see in the road sector. The government entered into the agreement with a Singapore-based finance institution Eton to fund its coastal road project to connect southeastern counties.
The loan agreement, when put into effect, would see the construction of 505.3 kilometers of paved roads connecting Buchanan to Cestos City, Greenville to Barclayville, and Barclayville to Sass Town. The project also includes the construction of the Medina to Robertsport road and the Tubmanburg to Bopolu Road in western Liberia, including rest stops and roadside service areas, within 48-months, reports the New Dawn newspaper.

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First Lady Makes Several Donations

Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar ‘Marie’ Weah at the weekend made several underprivileged Liberians ranging from members of the disabled community, the elderly, women and destitute children, Madam Weah made the donation under the auspices of the Clar HOPE Foundation’s grand launch at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex (SKD). The grand launch of the Clar HOPE Foundation was attended by President George Manneh Weah, Speaker Bhofal Chambers and some members of the House of Representatives, Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie and some members of the Liberian Senate; a host of other Liberian government officials as well as members of the diplomatic corps and other foreign guests. Speaking at the launch, Madam Weah said the Foundation is a non-political initiative aimed at creating equitable society in Liberia, where women and children are healthy, educated, fully empowered and independent to live positive lives, reports the Heritage newspaper.


Liberian educator recommends to govt.

According to the New Dawnnewspaper, in a bid to improve early childhood learning here, a Liberian educator recommends regular In-Service Training and Individualized Education Program. Madam Lucia Paygai, Chairperson for the Counseling Department at African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Monrovia, says in order to enhance early childhood education, the Ministry of Education should conduct in-service training for early childhood teachers every six months. She also recommends that government introduces Individualized Education Program (IEP) to help hard-learning students. Madam Paygai, an early childhood education expert, made these recommendations at the weekend during the 19th graduation convocation of the Prime System School of Christ in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, pens the New Dawn newspaper.

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ULFA President Vows To Maintain Peace

According to In Profile Daily, the newly inducted President of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA), Cllr. Viama J. Blama, has vowed to maintain peace among student union, Administration and the association. Cllr. Blama made the remark during ULFA Leadership induction program on Friday June 8, 2018 at the UL Fendall Campus in Louisiana outside Monrovia. He said his administration have the requisite experience and knowledge as it relates to the activities of UL, and the educational sector of the country. Cllr. Blama urged members of the Board of Trustees and the UL administration to collaborate with strength to ensure that peace is achieved on the campuses of the University of Liberia.