Very Important Public Service Announcement

Foreign Minister, Olubanke King-Okerele
Foreign Minister, Olubanke King-Okerele
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that the Liberian Ambassador in Washington D.C. has informed the Ministry of his discovery of a scheme by a Liberian in the Washington, DC area, who is purportedly offering consular services to Liberians in the United States to the effect that his company is available to provide services for renewal Visas and new passports etc.

 The Ambassador believes that the Liberian in the United States of America has a partner in Liberia collaborating with someone in the Passport Bureau of the Ministry.

The Public is advised that the Liberians involved in this scheme are not commissioned consular officers by the Government of Liberia nor are they recognized by the United States Government as providers of such services and should not be performing consular duties.

The Liberians engaged in this act have put up an advertisement in the United States of America announcing the services of his company.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported the matter to the National Security Agency (NSA) and requested their assistance to undertake an investigation of this very serious matter. At the same time the Ministry is cautioning the general public and those Liberians in the United States of America against doing business with such individuals as all legitimate Liberia Passports are issued only by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia.

This announcement is being put on the Ministry’s Website as well as the Permanent Mission in New York and the Embassy in Washington D.C.