Ambassador Johnson Reiterates Investors Interests in Liberia

Amb. Wessely Johnson, London
Amb. Wessely Johnson, London
Photo Credit: IT/Public Affairs

Liberian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Court of Saint James, His Excellency Wesley M. Johnson has reiterate interests shown by potential investors in the United Kingdom to conduct business in Liberia.

Speaking recently at a Business Meeting chaired by Vice President Joseph Boakai, Ambassador Johnson underscores the need for the cooperation of all Liberians to ensure the culmination of Liberia’s economic potential. The meeting with several potential investors in London took place at the in the Conference Room of the Chancery of Liberia’s diplomatic mission to the Court of Saint James in London.
 A Foreign Ministry release quoting a dispatch from Liberia’s Diplomatic Mission in London, says   Ambassador Johnson provided a tour of the premises while acquainting Vice President Boikai of the situation persisting at the Mission.
    Following an in-house appraisal with the diplomatic staff, Vice President Boikai chaired a meeting in the Conference Room of the Embassy of businessmen who were interested in the investment opportunities in Liberia.
    Assembled at the invitation of the Embassy, the investors included Mr. Chris Antony, Chair and CEO of Belgravia Group for Logging and Airline projects in Liberia; Mr. Michael Frayne, Chairman for Equatorial Palm Oil, which is presently operating in Liberia, Mr. Hamish McGregor, Director General for West Africa Business Association in the United Kingdom and Mr. Robert Blick, Honorary Consul for Liberia in Oxfordshire, England.

   Speaking at the Meeting with investors, Vice President Boikai thanked the businessmen for the choice of Liberia as their destination for business in Africa and gave a brief account of the main business areas of opportunity in Liberia with which there are excellent inceptives offered by Government.
    The Vice President highlighted areas of business priority in agriculture which he considered a dominant sector in the Liberian economy and the Fisting Industry which he observed would benefit from the lucrative fishing grounds of the relatively long Atlantic coastline and the continental shelf that form the southern border of Liberia.

  With reference to Forestry, the Vice President described it as a crucial natural resource that when properly exploited could adequately address the problem of unemployment in the rural areas of the country.
  The businessmen speaking separately thanked the Vice President for the privilege of meeting with him and pledged their intention to not only explore the possibility of conducting business in Liberia but bring such plans to fruition.  Those already doing business in Liberia promised to continue to invest in the country.


   The investors also used the opportunity to express their apprehension of China’s   involvement in the business sectors of Liberia.  They seemed concerned that the economic prowess of China might pose an unfair advantage and remove any level of even competition with smaller investors.
  In response to their concern, Vice President Boikai allayed their fear with the assurance that the Government of Liberia remains committed and determined to ensure all investors are guarantee equal opportunities. 

Veep Boikai further noted that to eliminate monopoly, the Government had legislated laws to provide protection for every investors in Liberia, both foreign and domestic.  

  For his part, Mr. Robert Blick, Honorary Consul for Liberia in Oxfordshire, proposed working with authorities of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to secure two scholarships in post graduate studies every two years to enable two Liberian students to further their education.
   The meeting with the businessmen was Vice President Boikai last engagement on his private visit to England.  He left early this morning for the United States.  Mrs. Boikai left London via Brussels for home on Wednesday.