Indian Government give 13 scholarships to Liberian students

The Indian Government has promised to give 13 scholarships this academic semester to deserving students of the University of Liberia, with three of the scholarships being directed to Graduate Program whilst ten will be given for Under-graduate Studies.

The details of the scholarships are expected to be concluded between the Governments of Liberia and India. Students expected to benefit from the Indian Government will undergo Graduate Studies in India beginning this academic year in the fields of Science and Agriculture.

The disclosure was made by the Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Liberia, Madam Shamma Jain, when she delivering the 87th Commencement Address of the University of Liberia.

In her oration, Her Excellency Shamma Jain spoke of the global challenges confronting not only developed countries but developing countries as well.  The challenges, the Indian diplomat emphasized, require the collective effort of all countries.

Ambassador Jain recalled the similarities between her country and the continent of Africa, noting that Africa and India have traveled similar paths and share similar values.  She also described Africaís and Indiaís decolonization movements and development trajectories as similar, noting that South-South trade and investment are key in revitalizing developing economies.

 The 87th commencement speaker encouraged graduates to strive for excellence, stressing the importance of capacity building, which she said has been a high priority for India. She also noted that India continues to provide support in meeting the capacity needs of Africa by offering scholarships for students to study in her country.

The Commencement Convocation was epitomized by poignant feeling, joy and tears with bulk of the graduates and their family members bopping and celebrating, while other alumnae and their relations were seen visibly weeping at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville where the April 29, 2009 historic occasion was held.

  The colorful event was well planned unlike Baccalaureate Service which was poorly-planned. The major routes and feeder ones leading to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, the suburb of Paynesville experienced awful congested traffic as thousands of love-ones and well-wishers flocked the SKD Sports Complex to share their joy with the graduates.

Many had to stop their vehicles as far as the SKD Boulevard (few miles away from the main venue) due to the heavy traffic. The inconveniences were visible on the faces of those traveling to and from the commercial district of Red-light in vehicles that moved at a snail's pace.

  The stadium was crowded with joyous graduates and their well-wishers, professor and journalists that went to cover the occasion.

 The occasion at SKD Sports Complex commenced informally with thousands of dancers and singing groups who patiently waited for the formal commencement procession of graduates with whom they had gone to celebrate into the commencement hall.

Entertainment centers were overcrowded with both graduates and well wishers while other petty businesses within the vicinity of the SKD enjoyed at least ďa better day.